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When you've tasted the grape, taste the olive!

When you've tasted the grape, taste the olive!

Out in the Nuy Valley, just under an hour's drive east of Cape Town, lies Willow Creek.  The region is most famous for its excellent small-scale wine production but in fact, the olives are now almost eclipsing the wine.

Willow Creek sets out to complete nature’s own circle, leaving literally nothing to waste in the production of its olive oil.  First planted 20 years ago, the olive groves now yield a splendid range 13 different oils, which you can taste in their purpose-built tasting room.

From very humble beginnings, Willow Creek is renowned across South Africa and now also internationally for the quality of its oils.  Don’t miss their excellent café and the Thai Olive Pesto.

We recommend staying at Eensegevonden Vineyard Cottages, a step back in time to how the early vineyards of the Cape used to feel, before the commercialisation of Franschhoek's offerings.  Sally and Douglas offer accommodation in three pretty cottages surrounding a national monument (read listed building), which is their farm house dating back to 1722 on the banks of the Breede River and surrounded by wonderful mountain walks. Pricing starts at R500 per person per night ($35 / £28 / €33).

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