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The Forest That Shouldn't Exist

Indigenous forests are rare the world over but Platbos is particularly special in that it shouldn't really exist: the environment is totally unsympathetic to large trees (no river, sandy soil) but nonetheless the forest houses large trees many hundreds of years old. 

Francois and Melissa Krige sold everything they owned to buy the land on which Platbos is located and it's under their custodianship that the forest thrives. The active management of Platbos means that the forest is continuous being expanded one tree at a time and you can be part of this process in you visit.

There's a sedate forest trail complete with benches for meditation and a labyrinth to walk through and also an apimodule where you can partake of bee therapy.

You can also buy a enchanting range of essences made from the trees in the forest for use in aromatherapy and homeopathy or just use them as essential oils.

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