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Another excellent Eastern Cape safari option!

Another excellent Eastern Cape safari option!

Back on the Garden Route today driving the twelve hours back to Cape Town. Just time to slot in one last Eastern Cape safari option!

Amakhala Game Reserve is smaller than Shamwari (25 000ha) but larger than Sibuya (3000ha) at 7500ha, Amakhala manages to retain a family-run feel despite being upmarket and on a large tract of land. Amakhala is ununusual in that the land it sits on was formed from the agglomeration of six farms. The families that own them decided in 1999 to unite their farms to form what is now Amakhala. Each family built its own guest accommodation but also still lives in their own farmhouse. As such, there's a personal imperative to ensure the sustainability of people and planet.

Don't let 'family owned' make you think this is a budget-style set up. The standard at Amakhala is a mid-range four star in more modern, hotel-like lodges with vast views across the bush. It also has a major investment in conservation, like Shamwari, but not the marketing budget to blow its own trumpet!

We particularly like Woodbury Lodge, owned as it is by the Gush family who have built Woodbury into one of the most special places to stay in the whole of the EC but there are many other equally beautiful choices within the reserve.

Prices start at US$370 per person per night, fully inclusive of accommodation, all meals and game drives.

Secret beach villa in Port Alfred
Port Alfred secret beach villa

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