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A very special Christmas party - and you're invited!

A very special Christmas party - and you're invited!

"You know you must be doing something right if old people like you" : so said Dave Chappelle, a comedian from the United States, and how right he was! Putting this concept into practice, and having done so for over ten years, is UthandoSA, an umbrella organisation for several grass-roots community groups in vulnerable communities in Cape Town.

Uthando organises a Christmas Party not for but hosted by The Seniors at the NOAHs across the city (Neighbourhood Old Age Homes).  These parties are serious fun - you will be entertained by the choir, spun off your feet by the dancers and gorged to satisfaction by the excellent food.  Having been to one of these parties myself, I can assure you that South African seniors pull no punches - many of the guests are floored by the energy of their hosts!

This was the generation that grew up under the full horrors of apartheid: they have seen such dramatic change and survived so much that simply to be in the same room as them is in itself an honour.

So if you're in Cape Town for Christmas this year, do yourself a favour and get your groove on at the Uthando SA Christmas Party - we can assure you it is an experience you won't forget.

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