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Soulful Waves Spiritual Retreat

7 Nights

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Tour Highlights:

Surfing and Yoga in Muizenberg
Guided Mountain Walk in McGregor
Deep Retreat in the Platbos Forest

Soulful Waves Spiritual Retreat

Journey Overview

Embark on a transformative 8-day journey of self-discovery with our Soulful Waves Spiritual Retreat, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Your voyage commences in the idyllic coastal town of Muizenberg, where the gentle rhythm of waves and the vibrant surf culture set the tone for your exploration. Over the initial two days, immerse yourself in the art of surfing, allowing the ocean's embrace to guide you into a state of flow. Complementing these invigorating sessions are tranquil yoga practices that invite you to delve deep within, finding harmony and balance amidst the rolling waves.

Transitioning to the serene village of McGregor, tranquility envelops you as you wander through quaint streets and embrace the simplicity of rural life. Here, over two days of mindful retreat, guided walks amidst nature's splendor offer moments of profound reflection, while unique yoga sessions provide opportunities for inner exploration and growth. Delight your senses with culinary experiences that not only nourish the body but also honor the ethos of sustainability and eco-consciousness, aligning perfectly with the ethos of our retreat.

As you journey onward to Stanford, a haven of harmony nestled amidst natural beauty, reconnect with the essence of your being through guided meditations and personalized breathwork sessions. Dive into the purity of spring-fed mountain dams, wander through ancient forests on self-guided explorations, and participate in yoga and Chi Kung classes that promote holistic well-being. Engage in our meaningful tree-planting initiative, contributing to the preservation of indigenous ecosystems and fostering a sense of interconnectedness with the Earth.

Concluding on Day 8 at Cape Town International Airport, carry with you the profound sense of renewal and empowerment cultivated throughout your Soulful Waves experience. Energized and inspired, you depart ready to navigate life's currents with newfound clarity and purpose.

DAYS 1 - 2

Serenity on the Shore

  • Your Accommodation

    You'll be transported to the charming beachfront town of Muizenberg, where African Soul Surfer (B&B) awaits. This beachfront haven offers sea-view rooms with a cozy, communal atmosphere that encourages interaction among like-minded travelers.

    Your home away from home:

    African Soul Surfer
    13 York Road, Muizenberg
    Tel +27 (0) 21 788 1771

  • Your Travel Time

    Your adventure begins as you touch down at Cape Town International Airport.

  • Your Activities

    Activities - Day 1
    After settling into your comfortable accommodations, the day kicks off with an invigorating surfing lesson. Muizenberg's gentle waves are perfect for both beginners and those looking to refine their skills. Our experienced surf coaches ensure that you'll soon be catching waves and experiencing the thrill of riding the sea.

    Following your time on the water, it's a moment of tranquility as you engage in a yoga session in the purpose-built studio at African Soul Surfer. Here, you can unwind and embrace the serene beauty of the ocean.

    Activities - Day 2
    Your second day begins early with an exciting dive or snorkel expedition with Pisces Divers. Off the coast of Cape Point, you'll have the opportunity to swim with mako and blue sharks as they hunt for tuna. These incredible creatures are known for their grace and speed, making this an unforgettable experience. Keep an eye out for other pelagic creatures that may cross your path, from yellowfin tuna to oceanic birds.

    Upon returning to Muizenberg, another surfing lesson awaits. The day unfolds at a relaxed pace, allowing you to embrace the thrill of riding the waves or simply soak up the coastal ambiance.

    As evening approaches, you'll once again participate in a yoga session at African Soul Surfer, allowing you to unwind and reflect.

  • Your Food

    Dining - Day 1
    In the evening, a visit to The Commons is on the agenda. This unique establishment is deeply rooted in community values, offering an inclusive space to savor locally sourced products. The Commons takes a responsible approach to dining, prioritizing animal welfare and sustainability. It's a place where you can enjoy a meal while supporting meaningful, eco-friendly practices.

    Dining - Day 2
    The evening is at your leisure, offering the opportunity to explore local dining options. Consider trying Joon, a delightful eatery known for its homemade meals and welcoming atmosphere, where locals and visitors come together.

    Meal Inclusions: Breakfast

DAYS 3 - 4

Meditative McGregor Escape

  • Your Accommodation

    You'll stay at The Hermitage: Beni Abbes at Temenos for the next two nights. This private and contemplative cottage offers a double bed, a separate lounge, a shower, a cozy fireplace, and a thatch roof, creating a serene atmosphere reminiscent of the small Sahara Desert monastery after which it was named.

    Your home away from home:

    Temenos Retreat
    Cnr Bree & Voortrekker Streets, McGregor
    Tel +27 (0) 23 625 1871

  • Your Travel Time

    After descending from the mountain, a transfer will take you to the village of McGregor, where the serene retreat of Temenos (B&B) awaits.

  • Your Activities

    Day 3 of your journey begins with a peaceful morning hike up Peck's Valley, guided by The Fynbos Guy, Dominic Chadbon. This hike is not just about exploring nature; it's an opportunity for morning meditation as you immerse yourself in the serene surroundings. Starting from your accommodation, you'll walk to the base of Peck's Valley and then ascend Muizenberg Peak. The hike involves a relatively steep climb but is manageable, covering a 2-kilometer distance each way. The trail takes you through picturesque landscapes, with a fun scramble just before reaching the summit. At the summit, you'll be greeted by breathtaking panoramic views across False Bay, perfect for self-guided morning meditation.

    Upon arrival at Temenos, you'll enjoy a holistic massage with Halo Malherbe, stimulating blood circulation and promoting the release of toxins. It's an opportunity to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

    Day 4 begins with a guided walk through the quaint village of McGregor, led by Edward Hart. As you stroll through charming streets, you'll gain insights into the local way of life, where time moves at a leisurely pace, and old traditions coexist with the present. The walks can be conversational or in silence, allowing for introspection and a deeper connection with the surroundings.

    In the afternoon, you'll experience a unique yoga session with Charmaine Horsburgh, introducing you to Bowspring Infused Yoga, enhancing balance, strength, and flexibility. Suitable for all ages and levels, it allows you to connect with your body and find harmony.

  • Your Food

    While in McGregor, you'll have the choice of dining in at Temenos or visiting local eateries. Our suggestion is "At The Courtyard," a delightful restaurant known for Mediterranean flavors with local ingredients, complementing the tranquil atmosphere of McGregor. You can savor delightful dishes and unique tastes in this charming village.

    Meal Inclusions: Breakfast

DAYS 5 - 7

Serenity at the Nature Retreat

  • Your Accommodation

    Bodhi Khaya is a peaceful retreat centre set on 217 hectares of the spectacular Overstrand region of the Western Cape. Your accommodations here will be in the welcoming "Farmhouse" rooms, fostering a communal and inviting atmosphere. These rooms feature shared spaces, including a cozy lounge with a fireplace, a charming library with comfortable seating, and a convenient kitchenette, all designed to enhance the sense of togetherness among guests.

    Please note that Bodhi Khaya offers limited Wi-Fi in common areas to help you stay connected if needed. Keep in mind that the natural location may result in limited cell reception.

    Your home away from home:

    Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat
    Grootbos Road, Stanford
    Tel +27 (0) 72 385 6978

  • Your Travel Time

    After your mountain adventure, you'll be transferred to your final destination, the enchanting Bodhi Khaya (DLB&B) Nature Retreat, where you'll spend the next three nights.

  • Your Activities

    Day 5 of your journey brings you back to the mountains, this time at the Riviersonderend Nature Reserve with Edward as your guide. The reserve is renowned for its remarkable natural beauty, and you'll have the chance to explore and experience this tranquil environment.

    Once you've settled in at Bodhi Khaya, you can kick off your retreat with a guided meditation, setting the stage for a serene and transformative experience.

    Day 6 commences with a revitalizing nature swim in the valley's stream, creating a serene start to your day. This is followed by a personalized one-on-one breathwork session, tailored to enhance your overall well-being. After a satisfying lunch, you'll have the opportunity to embark on a self-guided forest walk through the captivating woodlands of Bodhi Khaya, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

    On Day 7, your final full day at Bodhi Khaya, you can opt for either a Yoga or Chi Kung class, both designed to help you foster a deeper connection with your body and find inner harmony. In the latter part of the day, you'll actively participate in a ceremonial tree-planting initiative on the forest's edge. This meaningful project is a vital part of Bodhi Khaya's commitment to restoring the indigenous coastal species forest on its land. Through collaboration with the neighbouring Platbos Forest and the non-profit Greenpop, Bodhi Khaya is working to expand and reconnect the remaining fragments of indigenous forest on its property to the larger reserves. This effort bridges the gap between the Platbos Reserve and Grootbos Reserve, and your involvement in this tree-planting project makes a direct contribution to the preservation and rejuvenation of these critical ecosystems.

  • Your Food

    The meal experience at Bodhi Khaya is designed to promote well-being, offering three nourishing vegetarian meals daily, thoughtfully prepared with fresh, organic vegetables sourced from the retreat's garden. Additionally, you can savor fresh fruit, tea, rusks, and locally roasted coffee, providing a culinary journey that supports gut health and overall wellness.

    Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 8
Going Home

Journey's End

  • Your Accommodation

    On this final day, Day 8, you'll have a leisurely breakfast before our friends at Hannival's Tours whisk you away to Cape Town International. You'll head home feeling utterly refreshed and ready to take on the world.

    We can't wait to welcome you back for more adventures in the future. Safe travels!

    Your home away from home:

  • Your Travel Time

  • Your Activities
  • Your Food

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