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Journeys Overview

Wildlife Journeys

Picture of Kruger National Park Safari

US$6,700 per person sharing for 6 nights

Explore South Africa's largest game reserve with the best sustainable safari operators and ethical accommodations.

Beneath Botswana's Sky: A Sustainable Safari Symphony through Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park

Landmark Journeys

Picture of Cape Winelands & Peninsula: Self-Drive Adventure

US$1,350 per person sharing for 8 nights

Embark on a journey through the Cape Winelands and beyond, from the captivating Cape Town Peninsula to Stellenbosch wine farms, on an unforgettable South African road trip.

Picture of Ethical Luxury Travel from Victoria Falls to Cape Town

US$24,500 per person sharing for 10 nights

Where Ethical Luxury Meets Adventure: Experience the Majesty of Africa from Victoria Falls to Cape Town.

Picture of Adventure from the Cape Town Coast to Victoria Falls

US$3,300 per person sharing for 13 nights

Discover the magic of the Cape Town Coast on an unforgettable African safari road trip to Victoria Falls & Kruger Park, an epic adventure awaits!

Discover the wild heart of Southern Africa through thrilling adventures and breathtaking landscapes on our unforgettable hiking expeditions.

Road Trips

Picture of KwaZulu Natal Road Trip

US$5,316 per person sharing for 11 nights

Experience an unforgettable South African road trip and discover Kwazulu-Natal's big five, and the majestic drakensberg mountains in a 11-day adventure.

Picture of Garden Route Road Trip

US$4,900 per person sharing for 11 nights

Embrace South Africa's beauty on this Garden Route Road Trip! Explore natural wonders, encounter wildlife, and cherish unforgettable adventures.

Journey from Cape Town to East London on a South African, Eastern Cape road trip. Where coastal tranquility meets wild adventure bliss!

Discover the magic of the South Namibian desert, canyons, forests, and ghost towns on an unforgettable road trip adventure.

Experience Namibia's allure: road trip through golden deserts, exhilarating safaris and coastal wonders. Your ultimate adventure travel awaits!

Caprivi Strip & Namibian wonders await! Dive into nature, culture, and ethical exploration on this 17-day adventure of a lifetime!

Walking Journeys

Picture of Adventurous Cape Peninsula & Overberg Hike

US$1987 per person sharing for 5 nights

Join us on a fully guided adventure through the pristine natural environments of the Western Cape's Cape Peninsula & Overberg region.

Indulge in local customs, scenic hikes, and enchanting waterfalls on an ethical Venda walking holiday. Explore heritage, savor delicacies, and enjoy vibrant dance.

Go on a Whale Coast Odyssey and experience Seaside Marvels and Fynbos Summits, Adventure Awaits on the Hermanus Hop!

Horseback Journeys

Picture of African Horseback Safari

US$3345 per person sharing for 7 nights

Experience an exhilarating horse riding safari: Gallop through Noordhoek, and close wildlife encounters on this unforgettable adventure!

Water and Wellness Journeys

Picture of Soulful Waves Spiritual Retreat

US$1407 per person sharing for 7 nights

Embrace tranquility, ride the waves, and find your inner zen on our Yoga, Surfing & Spiritual Retreat in South Africa.

Discover the untamed beauty of Zimbabwe with our exhilarating canoeing safari. From Zambezi to Victoria Falls, adventure beckons!

Cycling Journeys

Picture of Cape Peninsula & Winelands Cycling Holiday

US$2,080 per person sharing for 6 nights

Pedal through the picturesque landscapes of Cape Peninsula & Winelands on a cycling holiday adventure like no other! Unforgettable experiences await.

Explore Southern Africa's wonders with our thrilling pedal, pack & scuba diving adventure tour. Unforgettable experiences await!

Picture of West Coast Cycling & KwaZulu-Natal Diving Adventure

US$5925 per person sharing for 7 nights

Discover South Africa's coastal wonders with a perfect blend of cycling and diving adventures

Explore South Africa's beauty on two wheels with our ethical Western Cape off-road cycling adventure. Unleash the ride!

4x4 Adventures

Picture of Eastern & Western Cape 4x4 Camping Adventure

US$7,100 per person sharing for 10 nights

Roam rugged terrains on a thrilling 4x4 camping adventure through Eastern & Western Cape's diverse landscapes and wildlife wonders.

Roam the African wilderness with confidence on our 4x4 self-drive safari, immersing in nature's marvels across Namibia and the Okavango Delta.

Traverse Africa's heartlands with our 4x4 adventure & overlanding tours. Experience the essence of the Namibian wilderness and Okavango Delta mystique.

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Where It All Began is committed to crafting active adventures that not only thrill but also preserve the natural wonders and cultural heritage of Southern Africa.

Our mission is to provide sustainable adventure travel experiences that connect travellers with off the beaten track experiences in this diverse region through cycling, hiking, sailing, diving, off-roading and other low-emission methods of travel.

Through responsible tourism practices, we aim to leave a positive impact on local communities and ecosystems, ensuring that future generations can continue to explore and cherish the places where it all began.


Our logo is an image of a skull found in the Rising Star Cave System in Gauteng, South Africa in 2013. It was named ‘homo naledi’, meaning ‘human of the stars’.

The cave system has so far given rise to the remains of over 15 individuals, making it the largest hominid fossil remains site ever discovered.

Travelling to Southern Africa is truly a return to the source of humankind, to Where It All Began.

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