A beautiful picture of the Eastern Cape Road Trip tour

Eastern Cape Road Trip

7 Nights

Tour Highlights:

Coastal Bliss in Chintsa's Tranquil Haven
Two Days of Coastal Paradise
Shamwari Safari: Thrilling Big 5 Encounters

Eastern Cape Road Trip

Journey Overview

Prepare for an extraordinary Eastern Cape South African Road Trip, where adventure and relaxation intertwine seamlessly. Your journey commences with a flight from Cape Town to East London, leading to a scenic 50-minute drive to Chintsa, a picturesque village in the heart of the Eastern Cape South Africa. Spend two blissful days immersed in the semi-tropical climate, exploring the tranquil coastal haven.

From there, embark on an unforgettable African safari road trip to Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve, where two days of coastal bliss await. Discover pristine beaches and a tranquil Indian Ocean backdrop that defines the essence of this wildlife reserve.

Continue your adventure at the renowned Shamwari Private Game Reserve, nestled in the captivating Greater Addo area, home to the iconic Big Five. Over three days, indulge in thrilling wildlife encounters amidst unspoiled wilderness.

This exclusive journey is a perfect blend of coastal tranquility and wildlife adventure, ensuring unforgettable memories of the Eastern Cape, South Africa's beauty and wonder. Immerse yourself in the charm of Chintsa, unwind at Oceana, and relish the wildlife wonders of Shamwari on this exceptional Eastern Cape South African Road Trip.

days 1 - 2

Seaside Tranquility & Cultural Discovery

  • Your Accommodation

    Your journey kicks off with a scenic 50-minute drive, covering 54 kilometers along the N2 highway. Your final destination is the serene coastal village of Chintsa.

    Chintsa, a picturesque village in South Africa's Eastern Cape, offers a tranquil retreat suitable for travelers of all ages. The name "Chintsa" is rooted in the Xhosa language, meaning "river of crumbling banks," pronounced with a distinctive click by the locals, which is part of the local charm.

    Your home for this leg of the journey is Prana Lodge (B&B), tucked within an indigenous forest overlooking Chintsa Bay. A short 40-minute drive from East London airport, it's your gateway to the Wild Coast, offering an exclusive 5-Star experience with only eight uniquely designed luxury suites and a dedicated wellness center. The lodge's gardens are a haven for various bird species, playful vervet monkeys, and rare blue duiker. You'll be staying in the Prana Suite, a tranquil abode within the dune forest. The suite features a private garden and plunge pool, blending contemporary design with comfort and authenticity.

    Your home away from home:

    Prana Lodge
    Chintsa Drive, Chintsa East
    Tel +27 (0) 43 704 5100

  • Your Travel Time

    50 minutes

  • Your Activities

    After lunch at the lodge's restaurant, venture out for a self-guided exploration of the beach and dunes. Locals boast that Chintsa enjoys the "best weather in the world," thanks to its semi-tropical climate and mild year-round temperatures. Your journey through the high dunes takes you through indigenous forests teeming with birdlife and native plants, and onto the pristine beach.

    After your walk, indulge in a spa afternoon at Prana Spa set within the sub-tropical forest. Here, you can experience various rejuvenating treatments using aromatic oils, herbs, and ointments inspired by eco-friendly principles and the healing power of nature.

    On day 2, explore the captivating Wild Coast on a tour with Imonti Tours. Discover shipwrecks, including the renowned Jacaranda, and delve into their fascinating stories and legends. Immerse yourself in the local customs and culture, interacting with the Xhosa community.

  • Your Food

    As the days wind down, enjoy a delightful dinner at the Prana Lodge Restaurant. Whether you choose the cozy dining room or the peaceful outdoor poolside terrace, you'll receive outstanding service, a well-curated selection of wines and artisan spirits, and the culinary expertise of Chef Adam Iverson, who caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.

    Meal Inclusions: Breakfast

days 3 - 4

Coastal Luxury & Safari Delights

  • Your Accommodation

    Following a satisfying breakfast at Prana Lodge, you'll embark on a 2.5-hour drive to reach Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve (DLB&B), located just outside Port Alfred. Upon your arrival, you'll check into the Lodge Suite at Oceana for a two-night stay, complete with 5-star full board accommodations, promising relaxation and exploration.

    Oceana is nestled within a sprawling wildlife sanctuary, graced by a pristine 7-kilometer private beach, creating a serene and picturesque backdrop for your escape. Your Lodge Suite offers a spacious and comfortable retreat, featuring sea views from your private wooden deck. The decor, inspired by regional artifacts and animals, lends an authentic touch to your stay. Sink into custom-made super king-size beds for restful nights and indulge in the spacious bathroom, complete with a walk-in shower and jet bath. The generous lounge area invites you to unwind and take in the surroundings.

    Your home away from home:

    Oceana Beach & Wildlife Reserve
    GPS: S 33˚ 33' 43.8 E 26˚ 58' 66.9
    Tel +27 43 555 0305

  • Your Travel Time

    2.5 hours (172-kilometer drive)

  • Your Activities

    As you settle in, you'll have a range of activities and experiences to choose from, whether it's bush walks, thrilling game drives, leisurely beach explorations, or simply lounging by the pool. Oceana caters to your preferences.

    Day 4 is your day to unwind at your own pace. In the evening, an exciting game drive awaits, providing the opportunity to spot the diverse wildlife within the reserve, which is home to over 220 bird species and 30 animal species, including giraffes and zebras.

    The unique blend of beach and safari experiences makes Oceana a distinctive destination, allowing you to revel in the unspoiled Eastern Cape beaches while being surrounded by a thriving wildlife sanctuary.

  • Your Food

    Your journey at Oceana commences with a welcome lunch, a delightful beach picnic that sets the tone for the tranquil atmosphere of this remarkable destination.

    Oceana's restaurant serves delicious meals, available in the restaurant itself or the privacy of your room.

    Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

days 5 - 7

Immersive Safari. Wildlife Wonderland.

  • Your Accommodation

    During your three-night stay at Shamwari's Bayethe Tented Lodge, you can look forward to an exclusive and luxurious experience. This remarkable lodge offers 12 blended canvas suites, discreetly concealed beneath the protective embrace of the surrounding trees, ensuring your privacy and delivering unparalleled comfort. Each of these superior tents is equipped with a variety of amenities to enhance your stay, including a private plunge pool for relaxation, a spacious deck to soak in the natural beauty, an indoor fireplace for creating a cozy atmosphere, and a well-stocked private minibar for your convenience. Whether it's the warmth of air conditioning on hot days or the comfort of electric blankets on chilly nights, Bayethe Tented Lodge caters to your needs. The en-suite bathrooms add a touch of charm to your experience, with options for either an indoor bath and outdoor shower or an indoor bath and shower, all designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

    Your home away from home:

    Shamwari Private Game Reserve
    Shamwari Private Game Reserve, Paterson
    Tel +27 (0) 42 203 1111

  • Your Travel Time

    1.5-hour drive covering 132 kilometers.

  • Your Activities

    Your days at Shamwari will be brimming with thrilling activities, such as guided game drives, bush walks for an up-close encounter with nature, and opportunities to immerse yourself in the region's rich flora and fauna. Bird enthusiasts will find excellent birding opportunities in the malaria-free Eastern Cape. The lodge follows a daily itinerary that includes wake-up calls, game drives, meals, and optional spa treatments, ensuring a balanced mix of adventure and relaxation in this captivating environment.

  • Your Food

    Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

day 8
Shamwari to Port Elizabeth

Going Home

  • Your Accommodation

    Savour your last breakfast at Shamwari before departing for Port Elizabeth Airport. The scenic 45-minute, 54-kilometer drive will take you back to the airport, where you'll drop off your rental car. From there, you'll catch a flight back to Cape Town, marking the end of your remarkable adventure.

    As you say goodbye to the Eastern Cape, may the wonderful memories of this amazing region stay with you, always reminding you of the beauty and excitement you've enjoyed.

    We can't wait to welcome you back for your next adventure. Safe travels!

    Your home away from home:

  • Your Travel Time

    45-minute, 54-kilometer drive

  • Your Activities
  • Your Food

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