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Exciting South African Hiking Trips Await

- Introduction
- Discover Table Mountain: Hiking Adventure Tours
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Exciting South African Hiking Trips Await


Nestled at the heart of Cape Town's breathtaking landscape, Table Mountain stands as a majestic beacon to adventurers and nature enthusiasts worldwide. Hiking Table Mountain is not just an activity; it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of South Africa's rugged beauty. This guide aims to equip you with everything you need to know about hiking Table Mountain, ensuring a memorable and safe adventure.

Discover Table Mountain: Hiking Adventure Tours


Join us on a fully guided and portered walking adventure through the pristine natural environments of the Western Cape


Nature's Pulse: Active Exploration of Southern Africa's Grand Treasures.


Winelands, Peninsula & Overberg Self Drive Adventure

Travel from the Mother City along the spectacular Cape Peninsula and then into the Cape Winelands.


Why Hike Table Mountain?

Table Mountain is more than just a mountain; it's a symbol of natural beauty and diversity, offering panoramic views of Cape Town, the Atlantic Ocean, and beyond. Its unique flat-topped peaks reach an elevation of 1,085 meters above sea level, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to connect with nature.

Encounter the unique fynbos vegetation and local wildlife, enhancing your connection with nature. The journey offers numerous breathtaking vistas, perfect for capturing the essence of your adventure. Reaching the summit is also an achievement like no other, offering unparalleled views of the surrounding landscapes.

Advantages of a Guided Hiking Adventure Tours

Opting for a private, guided tour enhances the hiking experience through personalized routes, expert knowledge on the mountain's history and biodiversity, enhanced safety, and valuable cultural insights, making it a stress-free and enriching adventure.

Popular Hiking Trails on Table Mountain

Table Mountain boasts various trails, each offering different levels of difficulty and scenic beauty. Whether you're seeking a vigorous workout or a tranquil walk amidst nature, there's a path for every preference.

1. Platteklip Gorge: The Classic Ascent

Distance: 3 km
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Challenging
Elevation Gain: 700m
A direct but strenuous route, Platteklip Gorge offers a straightforward path to the summit with rewarding views of Cape Town. ideal for those seeking a challenging workout with rewarding views.

2. Skeleton Gorge: A Lush Escape

Distance: 6.5 km
Time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to challenging
Elevation Gain: 960m
Begins in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and offers a lush path through indigenous forest, perfect for nature lovers.

3. India Venster: The Adventurer’s Route

Distance: 2.5 km
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Challenging
Elevation Gain: 670m
A scenic yet challenging route recommended for experienced hikers or those with a guide, offering stunning views of the city.

4. Lion's Head: Full Moon Hike

Distance: 5.5 km round trip
Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 669m
Lion's Head provides panoramic views of the city, Table Mountain, and the Atlantic Ocean, and is famous for its full moon hikes, offering a unique nighttime experience.

5. The Pipe Track: Scenic and Serene

Distance: 6 km one way
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: Minimal
The Pipe Track is an easier, family-friendly scenic route perfect for a casual walk with views of the Atlantic Seaboard.

6. Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch: A Floral Wonderland

Distance: 13 km
Time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Elevation Gain: 450m
This route offers a gentle hike through forests and past botanical gardens, showcasing the Cape's rich biodiversity.

7. Kasteelspoort: A Path to the Past

Distance: 6 km
Time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 700m
Kasteelspoort is a historical route leading to the old cableway station ruins, offering panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

More Beautiful Hiking Trails in South Africa

1. Leopard’s Kloof

Situated in the Botanical Gardens of Harold Porter in Betty's Bay, roughly 90 minutes from the Cape Town CBD, the Leopard’s Kloof hike is the ideal choice for families and novice hikers. The hike rises through forests to a waterfall. It's reasonably short and can be done in the morning or afternoon.

Distance: 3 km
Difficulty: Easy

2. Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is situated 10km from the Johannesburg CBD. The reserve is over 650 hectares and boasts a number of large and small mammals. Visitors can choose from several hiking trails.

Distance: 3 km
Difficulty: Easy/Advanced

3. Sentinel Peak hiking trail

The hike to the top of the tallest free-standing mountain in the Drakensberg is not for the faint-hearted. This day hike takes place on the western side of the Drakensberg Amphitheatre and sees trekkers braving sheer rock faces that include climbing ladders.

Distance: 6 km
Difficulty: Moderate/Advanced

4. Roseate Tern Hiking Trail

The circular route of Roseate Tern is a must do for all bird watchers in Port Elizabeth. The circular route offers stunning beaches, natural dune vegetation and rocky outcrops.

Distance: 9 km
Difficulty: Easy

5. Jock of the Bushveld Trail

The Jock of the Bushveld Trail is a circular day walk that consists of several trails varying in length. Hikers will follow the route that Jock and his master, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, travelled in the 1880s as he delivered supplies from Mozambique to the gold mining town of Pilgrim's Rest.

Distance: 8 km
Difficulty: Moderate

6. Tugela Hiking Trail

Tugela Hiking Trail is the stunning hike up to the world's second highest waterfall, Tugela Falls. The hike to the top of the waterfall is relatively hard but sees hikers passing through stunning protea velds and forests.

Distance: 11 km
Difficulty: Advanced

7. Wolfberg Cracks

The best way to see the Cederberg Mountains is on a hike through the infamous Wolfberg Arch. Once you have reached your destination, hikers are allowed to spend the night.

Distance: 15 km
Difficulty: Moderate

8. Addo's Alexandria Hiking Trail

This two-day hike in the world-famous Addo Elephant National Park is a journey through three different ecosystems. Hikers get to explore thick forests, sand dunes and white sandy beaches.

Distance: 32 km
Difficulty: Moderate/Advanced

9. The Otter Trail

The Otter Trail takes hikers along one of the most pristine coastal areas of the Garden Route in the Western Cape. The trail begins at Storms River Mouth and goes through thick forests to Nature’s Valley. The hike takes five days to complete.

Distance: 42.5 km
Difficulty: Moderate/Advanced

Preparation and Safety for Hiking Table Mountain

Preparation: Essential Tips for a Successful Hike

  1. Research and Choose Your Trail Wisely: Consider your fitness level, experience, and interests. Use the trail summaries provided to select a hike that matches your ability.
  2. Check the Weather: Cape Town's weather can be unpredictable. Always check the forecast before you set out and be prepared for changes. Avoid hiking in extreme weather conditions.
  3. Pack Appropriately: Water (at least 2 liters per person), high-energy snacks, sunscreen, a hat, and a reliable map or GPS device are essentials. Dress in layers to accommodate changing temperatures. Pack a warm jacket. Weather conditions can change rapidly, so be prepared.
  4. Wear Proper Footwear: Durable, comfortable hiking shoes with good grip are essential for the rocky and sometimes slippery terrain.
  5. Inform Someone of Your Plans: Always let someone know which trail you're taking and your expected return time.

Safety: Ensuring a Secure Hiking Experience

  1. Stay on Marked Trails: Venturing off the designated paths can lead to dangerous terrain and increases the risk of getting lost.
  2. Hike in Groups: There's safety in numbers. Hiking with friends or family not only makes for a more enjoyable experience but also ensures help is at hand in case of an emergency.
  3. Be Wildlife Aware: While encounters are rare, it's important to know what to do if you come across any wildlife. Keep your distance and do not feed any animals.
  4. Take Regular Breaks: Especially on longer hikes, regular breaks help prevent exhaustion and give you time to hydrate and enjoy the scenery.
  5. Emergency Contacts: Have the numbers for local emergency services saved on your phone. The Table Mountain National Park and local hiking clubs also offer safety information and advice.

Additional Considerations

Altitude Awareness: Some may experience mild altitude sickness at higher elevations. Acclimatize by taking it slow and staying hydrated.
Environmental Responsibility: Leave no trace. Pack out all trash, stay on trails to minimize erosion, and respect protected areas and wildlife.
Cableway Tickets: If you plan to descend Table Mountain via the cable car, check operational hours and weather conditions. It's also wise to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long waits.

By following these preparation and safety guidelines, hikers can ensure they have a rewarding and secure experience exploring the natural beauty of Table Mountain. Remember, the key to a successful hike is in the planning and respect for nature and local regulations.

Hiking Table Mountain offers an unforgettable adventure into the heart of South Africa's natural beauty. With a trail for every level of experience and the option for guided tours, it promises an enriching experience filled with breathtaking views, unique wildlife, and the serene majesty of nature. Embrace the journey and carry the spirit of adventure with you as you explore one of South Africa's most iconic landmarks.

Happy hiking!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking Table Mountain

The time it takes to hike Table Mountain can vary widely depending on the trail chosen, ranging from 2 to 4 hours for the more direct routes like Platteklip Gorge, to longer, more leisurely paths that can take up to 6 hours or more.

The difficulty of hiking Table Mountain varies by trail; some routes like Platteklip Gorge are steep and strenuous, while others, such as the Pipe Track, offer easier, more leisurely walks with minimal elevation gain.

The Platteklip Gorge route is the most popular hike on Table Mountain due to its direct path to the summit, offering challenging yet rewarding climbs with spectacular views.

Yes, hiking up Table Mountain is free, but accessing certain starting points like Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden for the Skeleton Gorge route may require an entry fee to the garden. Guided Hikes are not typically free.

Hiking Table Mountain is generally safe when taking the necessary precautions, such as hiking in groups, staying on marked trails, checking weather conditions, and considering a guide for the more challenging routes.

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