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Cycling Tours in South Africa

- Introduction
- Discover South Africa: Unique Cycling Holidays
- Why Cycle in South Africa?
- Advantages of Guided Cycling Tours
- Popular Cycling Routes in South Africa
- Additional Cycling Tours in South Africa
- Preparation and Safety for Cycling in South Africa
- Frequently Asked Questions

Cycling Tours in South Africa


South Africa, with its diverse landscapes, ranging from rugged coastlines and lush vineyards to dramatic mountains and vast savannahs, offers an unparalleled cycling adventure. Whether you're a seasoned road cyclist, a mountain biking enthusiast, or someone looking to enjoy leisurely rides through scenic locales, cycling tours in South Africa caters to every taste. This guide is designed to provide you with essential information for embarking on a cycling journey across this beautiful country, ensuring a memorable and safe adventure.

Discover South Africa: Unique Cycling Holidays


On and off road guided cycling through the Western Cape, South Africa


Pedal & Explore: Southern Africa's Wonders Await Your Adventurous Discovery!


West Coast Cycling & KwaZulu-Natal Diving Adventure

Journey from the lush vineyards of Franschhoek to the golden shores of Kwa-Zulu Natal.


Why Cycle in South Africa?

Cycling Tours in South Africa is not just about the exercise; it's about immersing yourself in the vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unique wildlife experiences that this country has to offer. The weather is cycling-friendly almost year-round, and the variety of routes available means that every level of cyclist can find something to suit their ability and interests.

Advantages of Guided Cycling Tours

Choosing a guided cycling tour in South Africa offers several benefits:
Expertise: Tour guides with local knowledge can enhance your experience, leading you to hidden gems and providing insights into the areas you're exploring.
Safety: Guided tours ensure that all safety precautions are taken care of, from bike maintenance to navigating through less-traveled roads or trails.
Convenience: With logistical details like accommodation, route planning, and meals often included, you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Popular Cycling Routes in South Africa

South Africa's vastness and varied topography mean there's a wealth of cycling routes to explore. Here are some highlights:

1. Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula

Distance: Varies
Terrain: Road and mountain biking
Highlights: Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape Point Nature Reserve, and the Constantia Wine Route offer stunning ocean views, challenging climbs, and rewarding descents.

2. The Garden Route

Distance: Varies
Terrain: Road and off-road
Highlights: Stretching from Mossel Bay to Storms River, this route offers lush forests, coastal views, and the opportunity to spot dolphins and whales.

3. The Winelands

Distance: Varies
Terrain: Road and mountain biking
Highlights: Cycle through historic towns like Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, explore vineyards, and enjoy wine tastings along the way.

4. Karoo Desert

Distance: Varies
Terrain: Road and gravel
Highlights: The vast, open landscapes of the Karoo offer a sense of solitude and space, with star-studded night skies and unique flora.

5. Drakensberg Mountains

Distance: Varies
Terrain: Mountain biking
Highlights: Challenging mountain trails with breathtaking views of South Africa’s highest peaks and ancient San rock art.

Additional Cycling Tours in South Africa

1. Misty Mountain Meanders

Misty Mountain Meanders facilitates unique exploration of the Haenertsburg and Magoebaskloof surroundings. Our team on the ground will make sure your group has an enjoyable time in our beautiful part of the world.

2. The Pink Hill Karoo Cycling Holiday

A beautifully restored 1860 Karoo farmhouse, stylishly decorated with all your comforts in mind, makes the Nagtegaalsfontein homestead the ideal base for the Pink Hill Karoo Cycling Holiday.

3. ABCD Travel

ABCD Travel offers guided cycle tours in the township of Khayelitsha and Cape Town, South Africa.

4. Bikes 'n Wines - Guided Cycle Tours

Run guided bike and walking wine trips through the Cape’s renowned Winelands.

5. Outland Escape

South African has one of the highest diversities of landscapes and natural wonders in the world. The best way to experience the beauty that these areas have to offer is to explore the area on two wheels.

Preparation and Safety for Cycling in South Africa

Preparation: Gear Up for the Ride

  1. Bike Choice: Your route will dictate whether a road bike, mountain bike, or hybrid is best. Consider renting a bike locally to avoid travel complications.
  2. Packing Essentials: A helmet, repair kit, water bottles, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions are must-haves.
  3. Navigation: GPS devices or detailed maps are essential for longer routes. Local SIM cards can keep you connected in remote areas.

Safety: Ensuring a Secure Cycling Adventure

  1. Road Awareness: South African roads can be busy. Always wear high-visibility clothing, and be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Wildlife Encounters: In rural or natural areas, keep a safe distance from wildlife and follow guidelines provided by local authorities or guides.
  3. Stay Hydrated: The South African sun can be intense. Drink plenty of water and avoid the midday heat when possible.

Cycling in South Africa offers an adventure like no other, with diverse routes that cater to every type of cyclist. From leisurely vineyard tours to challenging mountain trails, the experiences you’ll gain are as varied and vibrant as the country itself. Prepare adequately, respect the local environment and traffic rules, and you’re set for an unforgettable journey on two wheels through the heart of South Africa.

Happy cycling!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cycling in South Africa

Cycling in South Africa is generally safe, especially when sticking to popular cycling routes and observing road safety measures. However, it's advisable to cycle in groups in rural or less-traveled areas.

Yes, South Africa hosts several bike races, the most famous being the Cape Town Cycle Tour, which is the world's largest timed cycle race.

South Africa is becoming increasingly cycling-friendly, with many cities implementing bike lanes and cycling infrastructure. However, cycling conditions can vary, so it's important to research routes ahead of time.

Yes, it is mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling in South Africa, and failing to do so can result in a fine.

No, you do not need a bicycle license to ride a bike in South Africa for recreational or commuting purposes.

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