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Ways to Pay Us

Easy payment options...your adventure awaits!


You can pay for your travel booking using any of our easy payment options below. All transactions are processed using our secure online payment gateway, thus no information is stored on our website.
We accept:
  • Direct Bank Transfers (US dollar, sterling, euros, and rand)
  • Stripe
  • Credit Cards
  • Wise (formerly TransferWise)


Direct Bank Transfers

UK ACCOUNT (US dollar, sterling and euro)
Account Holder: Greenwood Guides Travel and Media Ltd
Account Number: 51362275
Account Type: Current Account
Bank: HSBC (United Kingdom)
Sort Code: 401935

IBAN: GB75HBUK40193551362275


RSA ACCOUNT (rand only)
Account Holder: English Safari CC
Account Number: 30000166762
Bank Name: Sasfin Bank
Branch Name: Cape Town
Sort Code: 683000



Credit Card Payment

Use your Visa or Mastercard credit card or debit card to pay for your journey with us. All transactions are processed using Stripe's secure online payment gateway. No financial information is stored on our website.

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Stripe Payment Gateway

Complete all fields below, and click 'Pay Now' to submit your payment to Stripe's payment gateway.

Select Currency
Enter a payment reference
Enter payment total including decimals e.g. 12.34. Do not include currency symbol.
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In order to submit your payment, you will need to offer specific consent.



For the most transparent fees of all payment methods, we prefer to use Wise (formerly TransferWise) for international payments.

If you've used Wise before, our bank details are above. If you've not used it before, email us and we'll show you how (you make a local payment to a local bank in your country, which is then paid out to us in South Africa).



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Exceed House
Springfield Office Park
Belleville, Cape Town

Cell / WhatsApp +27 72 136 9096

WhatsApp +27 72 136 9096

Email: travel@whereitallbegan.co.za

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We’re an ethical private travel planning company focused on Southern Africa.

We offer ready-made and also customised holidays and journeys across this unique region of the world.

When our clients travel with us, they are assured that their travel spend is directly supporting local African companies that offer sustainable products and services, both in terms of people and planet.


Our logo is an image of a skull found in the Rising Star Cave System in Gauteng, South Africa in 2013. It was named ‘homo naledi’, meaning ‘human of the stars’.

The cave system has so far given rise to the remains of over 15 individuals, making it the largest hominid fossil remains site ever discovered.

Travelling to Southern Africa is truly a return to the source of humankind, to Where It All Began.

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