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What is Ethical Travel

Despite the glossy marketing, tourism and travel is sadly a highly exploitative business, even in industrialised countries, but especially exploitative in poorer countries, like those in Southern Africa.

‘Ethical travel’ is a relatively new concept, especially in Africa: it doesn’t mean ‘eco-tourism’ or ‘voluntourism’ (although these could be ethical). For us, ethical travel means travelling in such a way that one is mindful of how tourism and travel can have a negative impact on both people and planet. It also means actively taking steps to not only mitigate that impact, but actually turn it into a positive and mutually beneficial impact.

To that end, we only offer ready-made and also custom-built trips all across the region that are owned/managed/directed by disadvantaged individuals and/or have credible, visible policies on how to they act responsibly in terms of their:

  • staff
  • procurement
  • waste management
  • their energy usage
  • their water management

In a nutshell, we only use the services of companies that put people and planet first in a genuinely honest and responsible way.

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We’re an ethical private travel planning company focused on Southern Africa.

We offer ready-made and also customised holidays and journeys across this unique region of the world.

When our clients travel with us, they are assured that their travel spend is directly supporting local African companies that offer sustainable products and services, both in terms of people and planet.


Our logo is an image of a skull found in the Rising Star Cave System in Gauteng, South Africa in 2013. It was named ‘homo naledi’, meaning ‘human of the stars’.

The cave system has so far given rise to the remains of over 15 individuals, making it the largest hominid fossil remains site ever discovered.

Travelling to Southern Africa is truly a return to the source of humankind, to Where It All Began.

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